Why doesn't Google Optimize its own images?
 by Staff

Why doesn't Google Optimize its own images?

  • I'm in a location where our internet connections are slower than average and I often notice that, when visiting Google's Search Central Blog, that their images take forever to load.

    Is it me? ...or is Google just failing to optimize their images?


It's not you.

In fact, every month we notice the same thing. To make things easier for our readers we must optimize every Google image before posting them to ensure they don't take "forever" to load. In 100% of the cases we must reduce their size and compress them in order to meet acceptable load-speed requirements as measured by Google's own PageSpeed Insights tool.

Case in point

In this month's update section we reported on a Search Console report change. Google's announcement included a .png image that was 930KB – a file size that is much, much larger than anything we'd recommend that you have on a webpage.

To fix that we remove the blank space in the original image and resized it from 1920x1358 to 1747x1358 without losing any content. Then we compressed the image to 100KB without losing any noticeable quality. In our report we linked to this image as the "enlarged version" showing the SC report change in detail.

See for yourself. Here's the original image hosted on Google's site, and here's our resized and compressed copy.

Mind you. that's the enlarged version available for users to access by clicking the image in our report (which Google did not make available without right-clicking to View Image).

In our repor...