Why don't the numbers between Google Analytics and Google Search Console match?
 by Kristi Hagen

Why don't the numbers between Google Analytics and Google Search Console match?

  • I've noticed a disparity between Google Analytics' organic sessions and Google Search Console's clicks for my website. The clicks from Google Search Console are significantly higher than the organic sessions on Google Analytics. Why?


Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC) numbers have never matched at any time since the beginning of Google Webmaster Tools. That's because they're actually using different measurement parameters.

Here are some of the many reasons why they won't ever match;

  • First and foremost; GSC measures on the search result while GA measures at the website.
  • GA cannot measure data from pages that block JavaScript but GSC can.
  • Time Zone Variances — GSC is always Pacific Daylight Time.
  • If the site is large — GSC has a 1,000-page limit when recording landing pages while GA has no such limit.
  • Clicks in GSC are based on Google Search clicks while GA measures both Google Ads clicks and Google Search clicks.
  • Ad-blocking software affects GA data.
  • GSC only tracks one domain per account while GA can track subdomains in the same account.

Remember also that, even though someone clicked on the search result, it doesn't necessarily mean they actually visited the website. Maybe they hit the back button or closed the browser tab before the page loaded. GSC would track that click but GA would not record a session.

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