Why Pay for Images When You Can Use These For Free?
 by Caitlin Ziolkowski

Why Pay for Images When You Can Use These For Free? — by Caitlin Ziolkowski

Trick question.

Which of the images below costs $12 and which do you think is free.

Obviously the image on the left with the watermarks would cost you if you used the high resolution, UNwatermarked version provided by iStock.

But the similar image on the right is also high resolution and available for free on Unsplash under these extremely generous terms...

download for free, use for commercial or non-commercial, attributed appreciated but not required

In other words,

It's free to use in any way you want, you just can't sell it.

So why would you ever pay for a photo if you can use an equally great photo for free?

Btw, this is more normal than not. It's been my experience that I can find an appropriate image for free in just about every situation I need because...

  1. I know where to look
  2. or I know how to create my own

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