Will an FAQ section on a product description page cause a keyword stuffing problem?
 by Kristi Hagen

Will an FAQ section on a product description page cause a keyword stuffing problem?

  • I have a beauty salon client who offers services such as lip fillers. She wants to add a FAQ section about lip fillers on the lip filler product description page. However, we're concerned about the phrase lip filler occurring too many times on the page. Should we be worried about causing a keyword stuffing problem that could result in a ranking penalty?


Based on your description of what you're intending to do, it isn't likely to generate a ranking penalty for keyword stuffing. However, you should consciously attempt to avoid an overly high keyword density for that phrase.

A good process is to read the text out loud while looking for the sound of an unnatural overuse of the phrase. If it sounds like a bad salesperson overusing a customer's name while attempting to be persuasive, then it's probably too many occurrences of the phrase.

I like to use the example of talking to a used car salesman. Once they know your first name, they start using it all the time.

John, you'll love the new ride.. John, you'll like the low cost... John, the wife is really going to love this one...John...

When you start to get uncomfortable with the overuse of your name you realize the unnatural use of it and get uneasy with the salesman. The idea is the same thing for an article like this. When you're reading it, if the repetition starts to sound unusual then you're likely using it too much. So, if you notice this with your keyword then you consider some more varied content for the FAQ. We suggest limiting the phrase to a single instance within each FAQ as a general rule.SEN article end