Yes, Infographics still work! Here's How to Create Them
 by Casey Markee

Yes, Infographics still work! Here's How to Create Them.

  • My client has requested that we put together some infographics for them. These look difficult and further, I thought these had fallen out of favor with Google. Is there a method to putting them together or, absent that, can you provide some recommendations regarding firms/tools to do these professionally?

Answer: Infographics (short for information graphics) have cooled down over the last year due in no part to this Google Webmaster Help video by Matt Cutts in August, 2013:

"I would not rely on widgets and infographics as your primary source to gather links, and I would recommend putting a nofollow, especially with widgets," Cutts said

Many interpreted this to mean that Infographics may be on the outs as a link building vehicle. But nothing could be further from the truth. What is out though are terrible, low-quality infographics (like these examples) that provide questionable value to the user and lack solid design principles.

Nevertheless, Infographics can be effective and are still an under-utilized link baiting and social media signals generating tool. A detailed, graphically-pleasing infographic can spice up even the most boring data and look good doing it!

Who would have thought that dry subjects like the San Francisco seen through the eyes of a cat or the genealogy of automobile companies or ...