Yext Xone Beacons. What you need to know!
 by Casey Markee

Yext Xone Beacons. What you need to know!

  • I've been hearing that Yext has introduced a new product called Xone beacons that are supposed to provide us a new way to help our local clients market to their existing customers. Can you tell me if these are worthwhile and what they actually do?

Answer: Back in September Yext announced the launch of Xone as a way to enhance their existing PowerListings and Pages local search products, both of which are programs subscribers can use to drive traffic and visibility to their doorsteps. The new Xone product uses beacon technology to target those same customers at the actual locations.

Xone Beacons from Yext Graphic

What is beacon technology you ask?

"Beacon technology is a location-aware low cost transmitter that uses Bluetooth and geofencing to provide apps a new level of micro-location awareness."

Basically, Xone beacons are tiny transmitters that are powered by Bluetooth energy. They work through the concept of geofencing and allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to hyperlocally target consumers who happen to navigate through the zones set-up by these beacons.

Mobile users who navigate through defined beacon zones will be served what are called 'Xone Tips' which retailers can then customize. These can be welcome messages, discount or promo codes, special offers, or just helpful information like a store map or information on accessing the location's wifi network.