Your 8 Week Step-by-Step Link Building Task Planner
 by Ian Cook

A Timetable Guide to Getting Started with Links...
Your 8 Week Step-by-Step Link Building Task Planner
— By Esoos Bobnar
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Important note: You can find the latest version of this report, updated for 2008, at Your Four Week, Step-by-Step, Link Building Task Planner.

By now you've read the two previous reports in this series and I suspect you're wanting to know how to go about implementing all of the great ideas that are spinning in your brain. We'll here you have it—the definitive 8 Week Plan to jump-start your Link Building Assembly Line. Talk's cheap, so let's get started!

Important note: As we mention in our Link Building Strategies report, it's important to avoid sudden inbound link count increases. Generally, you want to add links at a rate of no more than 5-7% of your overall incoming links per month.

For example, if your site currently has 400 incoming links, you'll want to limit the number of links you add in a month to between roughly 20 and 30.

As such, the program laid out here may be overly-agressive for some sites, and you may want to adapt it accordingly to add links at a slower pace. Some possible ways would be to submit fewer articles to article directories, or to spread the program out over four or six months (or more), as opposed to two.

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