Your April 2018 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

What's the best way to enhance rankings for pages that display duplicated products?

  • I have a an online store and an agreement with a t-shirt producer. He says I can use the text and images from his dealer site to promote the shirts on my site. My first thought is that would be the easiest, simplest way to display the goods.

    However, I am also aware that Google is looking for unique content. The problem is, there's only so much one can write about a black t-shirt. It's hard not to duplicate the information. So, my question is, how should I approach this problem?


The only way to get your version of their t-shirts indexed and well ranked is to use unique text and images that Google doesn't find anywhere else. Google has no interest in listing the exact same item from multiple websites.

Being creative is helpful and sometimes it's simply a matter of rewording a description. For instance, searching Google for 'black t-shirt' we found one from Banana Republic. The description reads:

Introducing the softest, most reliable undershirt. We start with the highest-quality pima cotton, combed for extra softness. Then, we add stretch for comfort, and advanced fibers that pull moisture away from your skin and give it superior breathability. Count on it to stay dry and comfortable all day long.

That description could conceivably be changed to something like:

The 'breathability' shirt! Made from combed prima cotton of the highest quality - so incredibly soft you might even want to sleep in it! Designed for the perfect amount of stretch, it wicks away moisture from the body keeping you comfortably fresh and dry all day long.

So, yes, it's worth coming up with unique text even for something as seemingly boring as a black t-shirt. And, oftentimes, stating the benefits when typically the competitors are focusing on the features can give you the nod in both rankings and sales.

In terms of images, it's best to use your own unique image versions but you might also be able to grab the stock images that you have permission to use, change the file names, alter the size ever so slightly and post them on your own sit...