Your January 2019 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

Is it okay to skip the WordPress core update & still update my Plugins?

  • I'm waiting to update WordPress core to version 5 (now 5.1) due to stability concerns. I'm finding WordPress 5 series with Gutenberg is causing many plugins to require updates, presumably in line with WordPress core.

    The question I have is - if I do not update WordPress, is it still sensible to update plugins to the latest versions or could there be problems?


Our gut tells us to wait to do the big WordPress core update until mid-January thinking that maybe the majority of bug fixes will be done by then if we're lucky. However, we never recommend letting WordPress get too far in updates before updating a site. In the meantime it's smart to keep your plugins up to date.SEN article end

Free Way to Check Screen Resolution

  • What do you guys use for testing different screen resolutions for websites? The one I'm using charges $29/mo. Looking for something more affordable.


The team here at SEN uses the Chrome Dev Tools for testing screen widths -

Here's Google's help file that provides specific information on checking your site for all the different devices on the market these days:

It's also free, which is great! Let me know if you have questions once you start using it.SEN article end

When Should My JSON Markup Dates be Visible On-page?

  • In December's MasterMind Meetup, you mentioned showing