Your November 2017 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

Why does less than 1% of my Search traffic come from Bing when they have 10% of the search market?

  • Do you guys have any opinion on cultivating Bing traffic in addition to Google. My Bing traffic has been hovering at <1% of my Google traffic, but their market shares suggest it should be more like 10%.

    I installed Bing webmaster tools a month ago, and, no change along with no errors or issues. So any advice? Thanks.


In fact, you're not alone; we're well aware of many sites that receive disproportionately low traffic volumes from Bing. The reasons for that are varied.

We suggest you start by comparing your Bing rankings with your Google rankings for your primary keywords.

If the ranking positions match or are similar, then one reason could simply be the demographic for Bing doesn't match up well with your target customers even though you rank well.

If it's the rankings that are lacking, we suggest you study your competition and do a cross comparison to see how they are ranking for the same keywords on both Google and Bing. In many cases you'll find nuanced differences that you can emulate to improve your own rankings on Bing.

In some cases you may find that your competition is beating you on Bing due to an abundance of low quality links, which Bing views as a ranking positive while Google sees them as a ranking negative.

As you can see, it usually requires a case-by-case investigative analysis to determine the real cause of Bing's seemingly low comparative traffic count. But, it might be worth it if you're able to make some easy adjustments to capture that traffic you're otherwise missing out on.SEN article end

Which platform/provider should I choose for my new ecommerce store?

  • I just completed your SEO for ecommerce training course and it was really excellent!

    I am starting an ecommerce store from scratch to market and sell an artist’s prints and note cards. I'm partnering with the artist to manage all aspects of the business while she creates the artwork.

    My ba...