Your November 2019 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

What's your opinion on responsive search ads (RSA) and are there case studies?

  • We've just started using Google's AI/Machine Learning (beta responsive search ads - RSA) for AdWords and have enabled the campaign to maximize conversions. We're wondering if you have any info about RSA or know of any case studies where we can learn more?


There are indeed several case studies about RSA, but results aren't yet clear and can be misleading due to data aggregation and complexity issues.

There are a lot of variables to be taken into consideration: learning curve (both on the side of the advertisers and data acquisition by Google's machine learning engine), copywriting skills, data history of legacy ads, etc. leading to a plethora of uncertainties.

In general you can usually expect to see a higher CTR, but conversion results are sometimes less positive.

We recommend running them together with the former extended text ads in every group that you can. Or, even better, run experiment campaigns before pausing the old ones.

Here are a few case studies to look at:

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