Google Improves PageSpeed Insights Tool

Last month Google announced that PageSpeed Insights is now powered by Lighthouse.

Today, we're happy to announce that PageSpeed Insights (PSI) now uses Lighthouse as its analysis engine. This allows developers to get the same performance audits and recommendations everywhere: on the web, from the command line, and in Chrome DevTools. PSI also incorporates field data provided by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX). Version 5 of the PageSpeed Insights API will now provide CrUX data and all of the Lighthouse audits. Previous versions of the PSI API will be deprecated in six months.

Google provides this example to give you a look at the report interface.

As you can see, the report is broken into 4 categories – Lab Data, Field Data, Opportunities, and Diagnostics – which Google explains in detail on their announcement page. From there you can click the various down arrows to drill down into the minutiae as needed.

  • Actionable Strategy — Go here to get started. You should also check out the FAQ's. If you have a specific question (in English), you can ask it on Stack Overflow. And if you any general questions about what you find or how to use the tool then feel free to reach out to us in FastAnswers.html>