Google Lens Will Make Image Search Mainstream Search

About a year ago Google said they'd soon be integrating Google Lens into Search. Earlier this year they began testing it. Last month they added Lens' Search, Text, or Translate features to Image Search and...

...Lens will probably forever change the way people search!

Here's a great example that recently solved a real world problem of our own.

Ordering from Hawaii can be difficult to get replacement batteries that contain Lithium. Amazon won't ship them so the obvious source is unavailable. Ebay usually will but the battery we needed was overpriced at $100 — and that was the only place we could find one doing a conventional keyword search.

However, while writing this update we put Lens to the test as seen below...

Dragging our image into lens produced several matches. The first result was 404, some were out-of-stock but one was actually available!

We found the battery we needed at a reasonable price offered by a five-star seller that was otherwise buried in the conventional search results under ads and brands.

Google Lens is a BIG deal.

You can simply snap a photo of anything and use it to search — not only images of products (or anything else), but also text which can even be translated!

The ease in which this can be done is compelling! Once you've used it, you'll be addicted — and THAT's the mark of something that can't miss!

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