Links Still a Strong Ranking Factor in 2019

Annually since 2016, Stone Temple has published a Link Report that measures the degree to which Google values Links as ranking signals.

This 3300+ word report is chock full of 21 charts and graphs — details that any SEO geek would crave. Here's a sample of just one of the many cogent reasons why links continue to be a great Google ranking signal...

Why are links such a great signal? It comes down to three major points:

... here is the big one: When you implement a link on a page on your site, people might click on it and leave your site. In fact, you’re inviting them to do so.

Links are trusted because they invite people to leave your site

Think about that last one for a few seconds more. A (non-advertisement) link on your site is an indication by you (as the publisher of the page with the links) that you think the link has enough value to your visitors, and will do enough to enhance your relationship with those visitors, that you’re willing to have people leave your site.

That’s what makes links an incredibly valuable signal.

Spoiler Alert: The report concluded that links continue to be worthwhile to pursue because they continue to be highly valued by Google. To view the granular details, you can geek out here on the report.SEN article end