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Are you flying blind in the clouds without radar?   If you're doing SEO without tools, you sure are!

And like flying without radar, your site can crash! ...right into Google's penalty box and get buried in the rankings. But radar SEO Tools detect hazards—before they're problems. It's simple. You need SEO tools just like a pilot needs radar!

So, the question is;

where's the best place to get them?

Glad you asked. SEN has teamed up with WebCEO to bring you a high-octane professional package that includes the Tools you need along with the instruction and advice on how best to use them.

At the ProSupport level of SEN membership you get everything you need to make SEO and social media marketing (SMM) as easy as it can possibly be. So, you are in the right place right now!

Scroll down to feast your eyes on the long list of tedious-tasks-made-easy by using the WebCEO ProTools. Then scroll further down to view the Tutorials. You'll be convinced the WebCEO ProTools are just as necessary as we say they are.

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Start today using WebCEO's ProTools and see how quick, efficient, and painless it is to get all of those tedious and otherwise difficult tasks done!

Measure and manage ALL of a Websites SEO and social media marketing metrics from a single toolsuite interface — link building, site audits, spying on surveilling your competition, keyword research, and backlink quality checks with customizable branding and reporting. That's ProTools!

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Check out this list of tedious-tasks-made-easy by WebCEO ProTools!

Site Audit Tasks

Internal Links Optimization

  • Internal link text analysis to help you establish your site theme and get the most from semantic search
  • Page authority analysis to see which pages of your site are considered authoritative by search engines
  • Landing page analysis to find link opportunities and increase your landing pages search visibility

Keyword Research

  • Insightful keyword suggestions on the most profitable keywords
  • Suggestions from your Google Search Console (GSC) on underestimated yet powerful keywords
  • Keyword suggestions garnered from competing sites

SEN Video LinkSee Tutorial: How to do Keyword Research like a BOSS!

SEO Analysis

  • A general SEO audit report with warnings and helpful advice
  • A keyword-specific optimization report covering all SEO-prominent page areas
  • A Mobile Optimization report that will help you detect issues that may influence your site rankings in mobile search.

Sitemap Generation

  • An XML sitemap creation tool
  • Sitemap pages indexation monitoring

Technical Audit

  • A site health report for better site usability and indexability

Link Building Tasks

Backlink Quality Check

  • Toxic links report to clean up your website backlink profile from unnatural backlinks
  • Linking domains research to find what sites bring you link juice
  • Linking pages analysis to identify who discusses your content
  • Link texts to analyze the diversity of anchor texts used
  • Your most linked pages to discover your own pages with high link juice
  • Your domain's top metrics compared against your competition

SEN Video LinkSee Tutorial: How the Pros do a Backlink Audit

Competitor Backlink Spy

  • Links to competitors so you can reverse engineer their link building strategy
  • Identify the level of competition within the SERPs comparing multiple websites
  • Pages with high PR that you may also get qualitative backlinks from

Content Submission

  • 85+ niche directories and content submission sites
  • 35+ blog communities and search engines
  • 30+ local websites and directories
  • 10 shopping search engines

Chosen Links Watch

  • Monitoring of important links and their parameters (user-agent cloaking, 'nofollow' attribute, crawling disallowance in robots.txt file)

Social Metrics Tracking

Social Engagement

  • Track the social activity backlinking to your target pages on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Analyze your competitors' activities to set realistic benchmarks for your brand
  • Social activity effectiveness (by Google Analytics)

Web Buzz Monitoring

  • Monitoring your brand reputation
  • Tracking hot topics in your industry
  • Evaluating the results of your social media activity

Market Analytics Tracking

Rank Tracking

  • 370+ global and local search engines to track
  • Tracking hot topics in your industry
  • Evaluating the results of your social media activity
  • Comparison of ranking data with competitors
  • Keyword tagging and report filters for better report navigation

Competitor Metrics

  • Competitor traffic overview to estimate how many prospects your competitors may have
  • Competitor link profile analysis to see how your site is doing against competition
  • Competitor rankings to fine-tune your pages and outrank competition

Google Web Search Analytics

  • An integrated Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) report to see the top search queries that bring visitors to your site
  • Information on impressions and clicks to help you optimize pages for the best-performing keywords

Web Analytics

  • Your Google Analytics data integrated with your Web CEO account
  • Traffic Rank Trends provided by Alexa

'Your Brand' printed on SEO Reports

Professional Style

Professional-looking SEO reports, branded with your logo, can easily be generated and sent to all interested parties.

Simply set WebCEO to run SEO scans on schedule. Then tell it to email the reports automatically to select clients, colleagues, & supervisors. You can also publish them on your site and provide access to everyone who needs to see them!

Branded, Schedulable SEO Reports

  • Send reports by hand or schedule automatic report emailing
  • Fully customize your reports with your logo and business details

SEN Video LinkSee Tutorial: Setting up Your Perfectly Branded & Scheduled Reporting

ProTools Features & Limits

  • 15 projects with the option to add more
  • Rank Tracking Tool
    • Keywords: 200
    • 3 SERP scan depth
    • scheduled reports: once a month
    • manual scan: once a week
  • Backlink Quality Check
    • scheduled reports: once a month
    • manual scan: once a week
  • Competitor Backlink Spy
    • 10,000 backlinks checked
    • scheduled reports: once a month
    • manual scan: twice a month
  • Tech Audit & SEO Analysis
    • 125,000 pages audited
    • scheduled reports: once a month
    • manual scan: unlimited
  • Social Engagement
    • scheduled reports: once a day
    • manual scan: once a day
  • Chosen Links Watch
    • scheduled reports: once a month
    • manual scan: once a day
  • Web Buzz Monitoring
    • keywords: 20
  • Branded Reports

WebCEO ProTools Tutorials

WebCEO Tool Demo: Spy on Your Competitors like a Pro

Presented by Keith Saye

This 14min video shows you exactly how SEO Consultant Keith Saye works through all the keyword possibilities for his client while leveraging the Keyword Research tools within the Web CEO tools.

In this quick demonstration you'll see exactly how to leverage these tools to instantly see...

  • Your most dangerous competitors for any industry.
  • The Keywords your Competitors are targeting and know which will be the quickest wins.
  • Exactly how your Top Competitors Rank in the Search Engines to understand how strong your competition really is.
  • A complete picture of your Top Competitors' Backlinks so that you can target them in your next link building campaign.
  • Exactly how your Top Competitors perform on Facebook so you can see how your social profile stacks up.
  • Authority Metrics about your Competitors such as:
    • Moz domain authority
    • Domain age
    • Total site pages
    • Overall traffic score
    • Number of keywords their rank for
    • Average ranking position
    • Total Backlinks
    • And more!

WebCEO Tool Demo: How to Add a New Project to WebCEO the Right Way!

Presented by Keith Saye

This 6min video will help you build a solid foundation for all of your projects going forward.

Here you'll learn that adding your website as a New Project within the tool suite is a simple straight-forward task.

However, there are some important tips you need to know. Getting it right from the beginning will save you time and headaches.

You'll see how the interface guides you through entering the relevant project information — your keywords, your competitors, your important landing pages and so forth.

And you'll be surprised to see how quickly you can get up to speed and hit the ground running.

WebCEO Tool Demo: Setting up Your Perfectly Branded & Scheduled Reporting

Presented by Keith Saye

This 9min video shows how to completely customize the data and look of your project reports.

Set it and Forget it!

The Web CEO tools can be set to provide all of your regular progress reporting. Everthing is completely branded to your company. And it can be done automatically OR manually, as needed, from directly within the tools.

* Add your business logo
* Create a custom cover page for each site/client
* Write a personal email
* Change the language and font
* Schedule your reporting to your needs
* Pick and choose which data sets to include
* Shift the reports to the format of your choice
* Email directly from the interface
* BCC or CC yourself or partners on all client reports
* Brand each report with your business name
* Even choose a color scheme to match your branding.

WebCEO Tool Demo: How to do your Keyword Research Like a Boss

Presented by Keith Saye

This 7min video shows the professional approach to doing Keyword Research.

Follow SEO Superstar Keith Saye as he shares with you his approach to working through all of the keyword possibilities for a specific client. You'll see the Keyword Research tools in action.

This short demo shows you exactly how to...

* Find the best Keywords based on local searches in your area.

* Leverage search trends to find seasonal Keywords.

* See exactly which Keywords your competitors are targeting.

* Get countless Keyword Suggestions based on the keywords you're already ranking for.

* Integrate the tools with your Google Search Console account. Important because it enables you to see exactly which keywords you're already ranking for, which keywords are garnering the most clicks, and which have the highest impressions. You'll also see how to calculate your average click-through rate.

* Use all these metrics to further target the Keywords that'll give you the highest return on investment (ROI) for tasks like Article topics, on-page Optimization, Site Structure and more.

WebCEO Tool Demo: How the Pros do a Backlink Audit

Presented by Keith Saye

This 14min video shows how to identify links that need to be added to your Disavow File.

Watch Keith Saye show you how to do use the WebCEO ProTools to conduct a professional backlink audit for any Website.

Here's where you'll learn how to:

* Identify Links to add to the disavow file.

* Learn which links can be ignored completely.

* Adjust your Backlink Tool to give you the best results.

* Set an automated scan schedule to notify you when things change.

* Create customized reports to share with clients.

* And so much more!

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