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Video Tutorial: The Best Way to Roll Out Large Quantities of New Content

By Kristi Hagen on May 13, 2013 - 12:28 PM

Google has been releasing video tutorials less than 3min long, on some of the most basic of questions related to search and your Web site. We have decided to feature these quick questions and answers to be sure that ALL of your questions are answered!

In today's question, Matt Cutts (head of Google's Webspam team) gives his advice on rolling out large quantities of new content. The question asks,

"A newspaper company wants to add an archive with 200k pages. Should they add it all at once or in steps?" - John, Zurich

Cutts says either way is acceptable. But if this were for his site, he would roll out the archive in large blocks rather than all at once. Releasing huge blocks of content all at once can draw the attention of Google's Spam team, necessitating a manual review of your site. It is best not to attract the wary attentions of the Google Spam team.

View the video for yourself:

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