11 Ways Your Site’s Server Can Kill Your Search Engine Rankings!
 by Kristi Hagen

11 Ways Your Site's Server Can Kill Your Rankings! —by John Heard & Kristi Hagen
Website Server Down

Servers are so often the last thing marketers consider when it comes to a number one spot in Google. They're this thing that's just supposed to work. After all your effort with title tags, creating reviews, building links, blogging and creating the perfect landing pages...why should you have to worry about your server too?!

The flip side is that, here at SEN, one of the very first questions we ask a new client is

"Who is hosting your site and what type of server is it on?"
Most of the time we get vague answers that mention Ken some obscure tech guy that doesn't like to answer the phone. Or better yet we hear that "it's taken care of..."

So, today I'm asking you - What type of server is your website on? Or does your own obscure tech guy or a distant hosting company hold you hostage?

To put it into perspective, let me explain the role servers play with your website. Think of your server like the engine of your car. You want power, speed and reliability. If your visitors come to your site, they expect a fast ride that takes them exactly where they want to go. So let us bring you up to speed with all the facts you need in order to be confident the next time someone asks you that dreaded server question.

Here are the 11 essential topics to consider when focusing on your server:

  • 1. Platform - There are really two choices today in regards to a web host server platform operating systems:

    • Unix/Linux based - Overwhelmingly, Unix based is the server operating system of choice for most small to medium size business websites because the lower cost of software and capabilities is much greater. This is the system you'd run when working with a WordPress site.
    • Windows based - The Windows Platform is used more often by larger businesses that operate their own servers and have an IT staff to manage the site. Very fre...

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