5 Pro Tips to Boost Your Sales Conversions & Get More Out of Every Single Visitor
 by Kristi Hagen

5 Pro Tips to Boost Your Sales Conversions & Get More Out of Every Single Visitor —by Angela Baker
I have an eCommerce website with a conversion rate of 25%.

Said no one, ever.

While having this conversion rate would be fantastic, the reality is very different. According to the recent Statista research, the global eCommerce website conversion rate was 3.28%.


Yes, only 3.28% of visits on ALL eCommerce websites in the world are converted into purchases.

Statista also says that the United States has a slightly higher rate of 3.49% suggesting that US businesses can successfully convert more leads into customers. Indeed, there are eCommerce companies with conversion rates exceeding four and five percent. However, it's far more common to have an average or even below-average conversion rate.

As a smart marketer, you're constantly looking for ways to increase your conversion rates so that you can get more out of your website's existing traffic. For this article, we've selected five customer-centric, proven strategies designed to boost your site's conversion rate.

5 Pro Tips to Boost Your Sales Conversions

1. Use Videos to Showcase Products and Attract the Attention of Visitors.

Video is a hugely powerful tool for eCommerce sites. There's evidence that more than 80% of online shoppers begin product research online, and many of them go to video websites to watch product unpacking, reviews, and tests.

More research supports the idea that people just love product videos and can make a better buying decision after watching one. For example, here are some stats from The State of Video Marketing showing the potential of video for incre...


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