6 Surefire Tips to Turbo-Charge your Page Load Times
 by Casey Markee

6 Surefire Tips to Turbo-Charge your Page Load Times

  • During the recent SEO Advanced Course you were encouraging us to increase our page load times because Google has been using site speed as a ranking metric for awhile. We read your resource on measuring site speed but can you provide some more information on how to INCREASE our site speed?

Answer: Glad you enjoyed the SEO Advanced Course. As you pointed out, we published an article on site speed awhile back that provided tool recommendations for site owners to measure and optimize their current site load times.

Google loves faster loading pages! How does your site measure up?

In that article we went into detail on both when and why Google was using site speed as an algorithmic ranking factor AND what free tools you could use to measure your own site speed. We then concluded the article with the recommendation that for best results your site pages should load fully within three seconds. That was a good target to shoot for...in 2011. Now, we think you can do better.

It is thus our sound recommendation that to squeeze the most "juice" you can out of Google's site speed ranking factor - your site pages should load fully in less than 2 seconds.

In fact, check out this great site speed infographic courtesy of Blue Compass Interactive that lays out by the number how important site speed really is to the average consumer (click image for larger view):

Click Image for Larger View

Although we briefly covered some general ways for you to op...