7 Merry Tips to Crafting an Effective Holiday Social Media Strategy
 by Casey Markee

7 Merry Tips to Crafting an Effective Holiday Social Media Strategy

  • The holiday season is upon us and we really want to make a splash with our online audiences this year. We are in the retail game and our niche is pretty competitive. What tips can you recommend that will allow us to stand-out, especially in what is already an over-saturated messaging market?

Answer: The holidays are all about relationships: building them, renewing them, and most importantly, celebrating them. During the holidays there is no more important relationship to a retailer than with their customer base.

Fortunately, social media allows a quick and effective way to connect with and influence your biggest fans during the busy holiday season. In fact, with 74% of consumers admitting to using social networks to make buying decisions, it's bad business not to use social media.

Use Social for Increased Holiday Success Graphic

But the question becomes: how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace where everyone has a Twitter account, Facebook page or Pinterest presence?

Here are some tips we use with our own clients and hope you will embrace as well:

  • 1. Write Holiday-Themed Content: The key to success on social media during the holidays is to publish themed content that will resonate with your followers. Content in the form of seasonal tips, relevant to your niche, is a great way to do that effectively. Share customer stories, updates, blog posts, statistics and graphics that relate to the holiday and your industry. These spur discussion, build trust with your audience, and generate social signals in droves!
  • 2. Research Holiday-Specific Hashtags: Hashtags BOOST social reach and success. But the problem with hashtags is that most are "time-sensitive." You need to be able to research hashtags quick...


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