7 Social Media Myths Your Clients Believe!
 by Casey Markee

7 Social Media Myths Your Clients Believe!

  • We know the value of social media but it's still frustrating when we visit with clients and have to "sell them" on actually embracing it with their business. Even worse there are many misconceptions we have to clear up with clients, (like that their customers aren't using social media or that it's way too expensive or time-consuming to be useful). Can you provide us some advice on how to dispel these preconceptions?

Top Social Media Myths Graphic - SearchEngineNews.comAnswer: This is a common problem with the average SEO and you should take some solace in knowing that you are definitely not alone in this dilemma. No matter what business or niche you are in (from flowers to fishing charters to travel bookings) there exist more misconceptions about social media than there are fish in the sea.

Fortunately, you have us. We've literally (and figuratively) heard it all. So when you get clients who push-back on the merits of social media, do what we do - dispel those myths like you would a grainy picture of the Loch Ness Monster. To that end, when confronted by these 7 popular social media myths by your clients, here's how to respond:

  • Myth #1 - Social Media is Free: Sure, setting-up social profiles like Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin are free. But the labor to do this AND update them regularly is not. Clients need to understand up front that there is no free lunch in social media. You must spend money to make money. That means designating one or more individuals within the company with the specific focus of social media, and then providing them the tools and budget to do their job. Someone must be responsible for managing your social efforts online, including content creation, publication, interaction, and monitoring.
  • Myth #2 - My Customers aren't using Social Media: We personally can't stop laughing when we hear this. The fastest way to respond to this is to ask the...

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