Are you optimized for the NEW Bing Social Search?
 by Casey Markee

Are you optimized for the NEW Bing Social Search?

  • I've been seeing more and more Facebook data appear in Bing when I do searches there. How can I make sure I optimize my site and the sites of my clients for Facebook "like" functionality? Do I have control of the Facebook data stream that I'm seeing Bing pull into melded search results?

Answer: As we covered in our March SES Updates, Facebook Likes now on all US Search Results, Bing has officially connected with Facebook to make searching more "social." Bing has taken the recommendations of your friends and is now working to personalize their search results by serving you interests already "liked" by your friends.

Per the example below, these new social search results include a note that your friend liked the URL, as well as a small picture of your friend (or friends) correlated with the search query.


However, we also mentioned that more prominent results showed up when we were doing a search for higher volume general terms, and it seemed these were being treated differently by Bing.

For example, when we searched for the keyword search engines, the following result from Search Engine Land showed up:


That's a pretty nice result and is the result of Search Engine Land optimizing their home page by means of the Facebook Open Graph Protocol.

The use of the Open Graph Protocol in a nutshell allows you to turn any page on your Web site into a ...


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