Can I have a zero position AND a #1 ranking with the same URL?
 by Kristi Hagen

Can I have a zero position and a #1 ranking with the same URL?

  • Since Google's new update where they no longer show the first-page result for pages that appear in a snippet, we've lost one of our number one positions.

    We're wondering what your thoughts are; do you think this change will stick? And, if we have to choose, which do you feel is more beneficial, the zero position snippet or the page listed at #1?


We suspect the Deduplication update that removed URLs that have a Featured Snippet from also having a search result on the first few pages of Google is here to stay. It's consistent with Google's history of displaying search results without URL duplication.

If choosing between position zero or #1, we'd generally choose position zero since that's where Google is shining the spotlight. We believe that's where you'll get the most clicks in most cases. However, that's going to depend entirely on the type of Featured Snippet you have and if it's creating the user behavior you want. That's data only you can know.

Now, if you want to be featured both as a Featured Snippet and on the first page, then we suggest creating a different URL to retake that #1 spot while leaving the one that ranks in position zero alone.SEN article end