Pages With Featured Snippets Get Duplicate Organic Listing Removed

In a "Deduplication" effort, Google has depreciated all top organic listings for any web page that is already holding a Featured Snippet for that same search result. This change rolled out 100% globally on Wednesday, January 22nd. Video Featured Snippets, Interesting Finds and Top Stories are not currently included in this change.

This is how Google's rep explained the change on Twitter:

That means that if your page has a Featured Snippet, as well as a page one search result, then your organic listing might now be on page two (if you're lucky) or even lower (if you aren't). Or as Danny Sullivan put it...
Duplicated URL moving to page two of the SERPs appears to be a bug of deduplication and is not a feature or by design. URLs in featured snippets that are also ranking on page two of the search engine results pages (SERPs) may have that listing removed.

So far, this deduplication effort is NOT domain based - it's URL based. That means if you get two pages to rank for the same search result then you could feasibly still have two listings on page one. Bill Slawski shared a screenshot example of a site ranking this way after this change rolled out.

It's also important that you know this will not change any of the reporting within Google Search Console because that 2nd listing, which is now gone, was never included in the reporting.