Can You Recommend Wix over WordPress as a Cloud Based Development Platform?
 by Kristi Hagen

Can You Recommend Wix over WordPress as a Cloud Based Development Platform?

  • Are websites still having SEO issues? If so, what are the challenges? I did a search in your knowledge base articles and the latest info I found was from 2015. So wondering if you had any update info on Wix.


The short answer is: We recommend WordPress over Wix because WordPress provides us with much more control.

Here's the long answer and an update of sorts:

The fixes...

  • Wix uses "hashbangs" in their URL structure, which previously kept Google from indexing all the content but they fixed this in 2016:
  • Wix previously suffered from an inability to customize page titles and add alt tags but it is our understanding that they've fixed these issues as well. And, Google's John Mueller says that Wix Websites do-in-fact "work fine" in search.

Regardless, in spite of the fixes, Wix still has what we feel are issues that render it inferior to WordPress. For instance;

  • you can't customize canonical tags (or even add self-facing ones)
  • you can't customize product URLs (relatively weak on all ecommerce stuff)
  • you can't add customized Meta Description to product pages
  • you also can't customize Page Titles for product pages
  • Wix has a mobile editor, but that's just for smartphones, not tablets.

We find Wix especially unsuitable for use in ecommerce. Wix pulls SEO information for page titles, descriptions, etc. from the Product Information you initially enter and which cannot be edited at a later time. For us, that's probably the biggest reason that we prefer WordPress over Wix.SEN article end



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