Do you need to estimate the traffic of your competition? Use these tools!
 by Casey Markee

Do you need to estimate the traffic of your competition? Use these tools!

  • I was told by my supervisor to research how much traffic my competitors are receiving. Do you know if there is a way to do this either through visiting a site or by some software I can purchase?

competitor-tools-tn.jpgAnswer: Unless you have access to your competitor's log files (not likely) there's no exact way to determine how much traffic your competitor is actually receiving. Typically, this information is secured away from prying eyes.

However, there are a few ways to gain an idea of your competitors' traffic volume in relation to your own.

Here's a list of tools and software that you may want to investigate. Some are free, others are not. All of them help provide you with information on traffic trends for your site, your competitors' sites and your industry as a whole.

  • - Alexa is a free service that estimates traffic on a site over a three-month period. The numbers are based on compilations gathered via the Alexa Toolbar that's installed on the browsers of millions of users. This information can be used to gauge a site's overall online ranking by combining a measure of its current reach and monthly pageviews. This reach is determined by the number of Alexa users who visit the site daily.

    The site with the largest combination of users and pageviews is ranked highest. Currently that site is Google. By comparing the Alexa rank of your site to your competitors you can see in simple terms how your traffic counts compare to your competitors. Alexa also provides inform...


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