How much of the answer do I need to include from my FAQ Schema Markup?
 by Kristi Hagen

How much of the answer do I need to include from my FAQ Schema Markup?

  • I am working with a client on producing a FAQ page and also detailed 'Answer' pages. The idea being to link from a FAQ item to a more detailed Answer page on the site. I also thought that this would be a great way to use the two schema types (the site is hand coded to make it even easier). Now, my worry is that the pages will only display properly in the Zero position placements on Google, the code looking potentially very odd as far as a browser is concerned?

    So if I use the code as listed in the vault's position zero resource, do I also have to repeat the words later in the body copy so that the page looks OK if someone gets to it via the site's navigation?


Great question because the answer is so important to your schema actually being effective. Here is Google's rule about that - the text inside the schema markup must also be shown as visible text on the webpage itself.

So, to answer your question, yes - the text included in your schema markup needs to also appear visible to users on the webpage. Placing the content only in the schema would be a violation of Google's guidelines. However, all you need to do is include a short answer to the question on your FAQ page that then links out to an expanded version of the topic found on the individual 'Answer' page.SEN article end