How the Pros Direct Market to Thousands of Facebook Pages
 by Ted Coombs

How the Pros Direct Market to Thousands of Facebook Pages — by Ted Coombs

Work Smarter The biggest boon to direct marketing and franchise companies is social media. It's also one of the industry's biggest challenges. Time consuming, frustrating, limited access and a veritable wild west of pages created by random owners dilute brands and make it a marketing director's nightmare. Luckily we are no longer in the beginning days of social media and new automated posting tools have been created to meet those challenges.

Facebook is ten years old now and its younger cousin, Twitter, is just two years younger. Yes there are others, like Google+ and LinkedIn, but for the direct marketing and franchise marketplace Facebook and Twitter are the ones that matter. So within this article those are the ones I'm focusing on.

Managing all your social media outlets is hard

For anyone managing a franchise's social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter should be a revolution in free news syndication and marketing. Each rep or location has its own page representing incredibly valuable private networks. However, the real challenge arises when trying to coordinate the release of company offers, services and promotions across all these pages.

If you're responsible for marketing at a network marketing or Franchise company you probably send an email to all your representatives, distributors or franchisees asking them to post certain content. Then you sit back and hope and pray! The truth is that the number of people that respond to these emails and post the information to their pages is appallingly low. They either ignore it completely or in some cases, just plain get it wrong. Most of the time if even 25% of them posted your news that would be considered high. What a terrible situation and if you have a timely offer or a promotion with special terms this is a complete disaster.

As I'm sure you know at this point, there are some great social media tools that do scheduling of posts to a handful of pages but nothing works across them all, particularly when they are not under the control of the parent corporation. If you want to message across company owned pages you can...


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