How to Avoid Social Media Embarrassment and Accidental Updates
 by Casey Markee

How to Avoid Social Media Embarrassment and Accidental Updates

  • The recent Clorox Twitter SNAFU has my client really wanting to solidify their social media best practices. How can we assure they make social media news for the right reasons?

Answer: Your client is right to be concerned. Continued lax internal social media practices by companies big and small have become more regular than afternoon tea in England. Clorox's recent (and apparently unintentional) racially charged tweet (which was interpreted as being against anything but "white" emojis) is just the latest in a long string.

Remember the insensitive post-Boston marathon tweet sent by Conde Nast-owned food web site Epicurious? Or the "Good morning shooters. Happy Friday!" tweet sent by the NRA the morning following the 2012 theatre shooting in Aurora, CA? Companies have been falling all over themselves on social media for years and more is sure to come.

NRA Fail Tweet Example

So why does this happen? More importantly, what can you do to prevent similar episodes from befalling your own accounts or those of your clients? The answer to both of these questions is the same: companies need to pay more attention to their social media best practices. When they fail to do so, mistakes (and embarrassment) happen.

Fortunately, social media blunders like the above are preventable. Here are some suggested management tips to prevent your account from making the news in all the wrong ways:

  • 1. Separate your Accounts: Accidental updates and cross-bleed...


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