How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Get the Search Engine Rankings You Deserve
 by John Heard

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Get the Search Engine Rankings You Deserve — by John Heard

Video content is quickly surpassing any other format in popularity and the fact that YouTube plays 75 Million Videos a day (That's over 13 Billion Videos a month...) in the USA alone is proof of that growing popularity. So, if you haven't already, then now is the time to add video content to your marketing plan.

Our previous article, Leverage Your Video Content Like the Pros to Skyrocket Your Site's Traffic, explained all the great reasons to host videos on your own Web site. Now, in this article, we'll show you all the ways you can leverage your YouTube videos in order to acquire new traffic for your sites.

With over 2 billion views per day worldwide, YouTube is undisputedly the most capable video sharing portal to send your site traffic. In order to tap into that torrential traffic stream, you'll need to know exactly how to optimize for it. Enough with the introduction - let's get started.

Effective Keyword Research for Videos

One of the first things marketers tend to forget when promoting their videos is keyword research. While many spend quite a bit of time finding the money words for their Web site, for some reason people go brain dead when it comes time to upload a video to YouTube.

The basics are the same between a Web page and a video channel, such as YouTube. However, the demographics of your YouTube users may be slightly different, and customers may be searching for things in different ways. Luckily, YouTube provides some great tools that you can use to help clearly identify what's hot, and what's not!


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