How will the new Chrome 79 browser handle 100% http (unsecure) sites?
 by Kristi Hagen

How will the new Chrome 79 browser handle 100% http (unsecure) sites?

  • I understand from your reporting that the Chrome browser will soon be blocking mixed (http/https) content, but what if the entire site is running on http?

    Will the entire site be blocked?


The real answer is we don't exactly know what Google plans to do long term with HTTP websites. So far, we can tell you that your website will likely be accessible. However, all of your pages will be marked as Not Secure in both the search results as well as the Address Bar in Chrome.


Yes, your website should continue to be available for users using Chrome although we don't know for how long. So far Google has rolled out an ever-increasing cascade of warnings and alerts that have become more and more scary to site visitors in order to force HTTPS compliance. So, the faster you can make the move the better. Every site is a little different to move to HTTPS so if you're feeling overwhelmed then we're even happy to help! Just send us a note to get the ball rolling.

To be clear, when we reported on Google's upcoming Chrome Browser changes it was specifically how they treat mixed content on secure HTTPS websites. So, that would include any images, PDFs, or internal links on your HTTPS (secure) site that point to HTTP (non-secure) URLS. You can read our full reporting here, Chrome Will Soon Block ALL Mixed (http-https) Content.SEN article end