Lock-up ALL your social media profiles with KnowEm.com!
 by Casey Markee

Lock-up ALL your social media profiles with KnowEm.com!

  • I've been asked to brand our company across as many social media profiles as possible to lock-up our reputation management. We've been looking at both KnowEm and ClaimBrand to do this and wanted your recommendation. Is one better than another?

Reputation Graphic 2014Answer: Locking down your name and brand identity on the ever-growing number of social media platforms is important. Not only is it vital to be where your target market is looking, but getting a handle on your social profiles is imperative for reputation management purposes so you can control as many of the spots on Google Page One as possible.

This space has been dominated for awhile by KnowEm.com and for good reason. The site has garnered a good reputation in the niche since it arrived on the scene in 2010. It is also regularly featured by top news sites, and more importantly, their operation is extremely transparent. In the words of co-founder Barry Wise:

"One of the main reasons why KnowEm is trusted by many fortune 100 companies & has partnered or white labeled with many of the well known companies in the search world is because we only use 100% US employees. We know all of our staff members, because we vet them and do background checks on them. After all, these people are getting the passwords to some very powerful accounts."

In contrast, the same can't be said of site ClaimBrand.com. In fact, a site search in Google for "Claimbrand.com" will show that the site isn't returned anywhere on the first page and as of this writing doesn't


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