Our Pros' Share Their Secrets to Marketing with QR Codes
 by Mary Bowling

Our Pros' Share Their Secrets to Marketing with QR Codes
by: Mary Bowling and Kristi Hagen

qr_ad_example.pngQR Codes are those clever little barcodes that allow you to reach out to tech savvy consumers while they are on the move. They are the perfect marketing tool to provide people with something that holds value to them at that exact moment. It's instant gratification at its very best.

We covered the technical and functional aspects of QR codes in our feature article:

Now, we're getting down to the fun part - marketing with them. Plenty of things have been tried and some work better than others. But like most marketing strategies, what will work best for you really depends on your goals, the type of business you have, your existing customers and those you hope to attract.

Define Your Goals and Create True Customer Benefits

The very first step is to identify one clear business goal that you want to achieve by using QR codes. Once that is nailed down then, you match your goal with a great benefit for your prospective or current customers to create a win-win relationship. This is a critical step as people will not take the time to use a QR Code if they don't get a benefit from it.

Successfull marketing is defined by your ability to create and explain true benefits for your potential customers.

Here are some possible business goals that we've paired up with potential benefits...

  • Goal: Use your offline advertising to connect people to your online presence. This is the most widely used purpose for QR Codes. It adds a measure of trackability to your offline advertising efforts and attracts pros...