Reddit Traffic will MELT your Server. Are you using the Platform?
 by Casey Markee

Reddit Traffic will MELT your Server. Are you using the Platform?

  • We loved the December Advanced SEO training, especially the link building section on how to drive traffic and links to client content. Reddit was discussed but it's still a platform we just don't use effectively. How can we get the most out of it for ourselves and our clients?

I want YOU on GraphicAnswer: Very glad to hear you got so much out of the Advanced SEO training. Reddit was covered briefly under the link bait creation and promotion section of the Link Building Module. You are absolutely correct in understanding how important that platform specifically can be to an engaged user. Right now, Reddit is averaging just over 170 million monthly visitors. This traffic is sent by a little over 3 million active logged-in users who visit and vote up content on around 8200 communities or sub-reddits.

These sub-reddits are where the magic happens on Reddit. There is a sub-reddit for everything but you can track the top five thousand of them on this handy site. Do you like gadgets, fitness, cats, Minecraft or maybe you're just a fan of a quality grilled cheese sandwich? If so, there is sub-reddit there tailored to your interests.

How Reddit works is pretty simple: members (known as redditors) submit content and then either vote up that content (making it more visible) or vote down that content


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