Schedule your tweets to maximum effect with Timely!
 by Casey Markee

Schedule your tweets to maximum effect with Timely!

  • I use Twitter regularly and I've managed to build up a large qualified following. However, my marketing-related tweets don't have the impact they should and I'm sure it's scheduling-related. What advice can you give me to better schedule my future tweets?

Answer: One of the biggest complaints about Twitter is that doing it correctly can be very time-intensive, between sending out Tweets, replying and retweeting, and catering to your followers. Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you schedule Tweets so your message goes out even when you're not around.

Two of the most popular Twitter management tools - HootSuite and TweetDeck - offer scheduled tweeting abilities. You can set up your Tweets to go out any time during the day and either platform will handle your Tweet distribution. While this is a reliable way to make sure that your Tweets go out when you can't be there, there are a few drawbacks with each.

TweetDeck doesn't offer any statistics analysis - so it's perfect for light social networking but isn't robust enough for the type of work of most marketers. It also doesn't offer the option to auto-post your blog RSS feed.

HootSuite, on the other hand, does offer some comprehensive statistics, all of which allow the ability to better gauge the effectiveness of your marketing messages. You can also use HootSuite's statistics to predict the best times to post - but it requires some number crunching and if you are like us, you hate math!

There is another option, however, that makes the timing of your Tweets more effective and it does all the work for you (aka, no math required). Enter


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