Sell social media to your clients. Here are five tips that work!
 by Casey Markee

Sell social media to your clients. Here are five tips that work!

  • You have been clear that social media is something my clients must embrace. However, we still receive a ton of push-back from clients who just don't see the benefits. How can I get them to embrace social media?

reputation-management.jpgAnswer: It's amazing how many times we hear from current subscribers that they either do not "get" social media or that they can't sell their companies or superiors on the benefits of embracing the mindset. Worse, the pushback we hear runs the gamut! Here are some of the recent reasons we've heard at Search Engine News regarding why social media has yet to be implemented on a regular basis:

"It's way too time intensive."
"We don't have the resources to do it effectively."
"Our customers are NOT using social media."
"Social media just gets companies in trouble. Why bother?"
"I don't know how to use Facebook or Twitter."

There are dozens more but you get the picture. From large companies with hundreds of employees to small mom-and-pop operations, the one thing they usually have in common is their myriad of excuses regarding why social media won't work for them.

Fortunately, if you are reading this, there is still hope. We have convinced even the most STUBBORN clients that social media can directly impact both their bottom line and how they interact with their customers. It can be done by anyone, anywhere, for pennies.

So the next time you are presented with that dreaded "push back" from your own company or a potential client, pull out these five reasons social media WILL work and watch the praise roll-in.

  • 1. It's cheap. It costs absolutely NOTHING to set-up a Twitter account, a Facebook business page, or a


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