Take your Blog Content to the Next Level with Scribe SEO!
 by Casey Markee

Take your Blog Content to the Next Level with Scribe SEO!

  • The recently-completed Social Media training was awesome. You covered some great tools and we look forward to working with them. You mentioned Scribe and Inbound Writer as two tools we can use to take our blog writing to the next level. Is there one you prefer over the other? Why or why not?

Scribe SEO CopywritingAnswer: We appreciate your kind words on the recent SMO training. It's extremely important to us here at SearchEngineNews.com that you get the BEST possible tools and training.

As for your question, you touched on a very important issue: blog content optimization. As we mentioned repeatedly during the training, good blog content isn't enough. Everyone is putting up good content. You need to be producing GREAT content that is as researched, optimized, and targeted as much as possible to connect both with your audience and be served competitively by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Scribe, Inbound Writer, SEOPressor and other so called push-button content optimizers take the guesswork out of improving your SEO copywriting. In short, these types of plugins make you a better writer by optimizing your content, suggesting style and keyword focus changes, and providing you with visual scores you can use to fine-tune your writing going forward.

Scribe, specifically, provides a great visual representation of how it views your blog content optimization and offers quick feedback on what you should correct....


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