The Best Social Networks to Market Your Business
 by Graham Silbermann

How to find the right fit for your business
The Best Social Networks to Market Your Business
— by Graham Silberman
Example Google Local Mobile Search

Social media is a labyrinth lined with the bones of wasted marketing dollars. The reason for this is because not all social media networks are made equally and many are just NOT right for your business model. In this article we will help you discover the best and worst networks for you to invest your time and money.

The first question I always ask is - What kind of business are you? - or in my language, How do you make money? For every business the answer is different.

For example, we have a national consumer electronics client that makes money on large volumes of product sold to first time individual customers. We also have business to business (B2B) clients who make their profits on a few large contracts a year. For each one there is a radically different strategy in regards to their social marketing. Unfortunately, without this careful planning your ROI will be next to nothing and you'll leave social media marketing with the same battle scars of too many of the other unprepared business owners that came before you.

The next question to ask is - What are your primary tasks and how can we achieve them all? Reputation is vital but won't earn you money now. Long term clients are always worth building but don't help move excess product. Organic traffic to your Web site is never a bad thing but if they don't click, buy or enter again they don't have much short term value. On the other hand you may be ready to just invest in your brand and so hard leads may not be your top priority right now. Each of these goals has radically different approaches to be successful. So my method will be to look at each network and discuss how it can be used for different business models.


Unsurprisingly I will start with the megalith of the industry - Facebook, which is vital for three areas no matter who you are:

  1. SEO - Without fail a...

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