Want to Monetize your Twitter Account? Here's Three Options!
 by Casey Markee

Want to Monetize your Twitter Account? Here's Three Options!

  • My client has a fairly popular Twitter account which has a highly engaged following. They generate a lot of ReTweets and are on hundreds of Twitter lists. They have asked me to help monetize the account and "possibly" generate some income for them. Do you have some suggestions or recommended programs that will allow me to do this?

Answer: Generating money from Twitter, especially if you have a strong account, has never been easier. If you are looking to monetize your account and drive extra income here are three very simple and easy-to-use services that we recommend:

  • 1. Sponsored Tweets: A popular choice for celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and anyone who has a high Klout score, Sponsored Tweets works by connecting advertisers with Twitter accounts through an online marketplace. Interested users need only sign-up for an account, set their price per tweet, add some trigger keywords, and wait for offers to roll-in. Sponsored Tweets does evaluate your account and "suggest" a price-per-tweet but you are free to set your own prices. Interested advertisers then contact you to write up a tweet, you write the tweet up and if they approve, it's auto-posted to your account. CEO Ted Murphy has some tips that interested Tweeters can implement to get the most out of the service, it's worth a read.

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  • 2. Pay4Tweet: This is a popular choice for Twitter accounts that "may" not have a high Klout score but do possess a loyal following. Pay4Tweet is pretty simple to use. You establish an account, set a price...


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