Where are the BEST video sharing sites to promote my videos?
 by Casey Markee

Where are the BEST video sharing sites to promote my videos?

  • What is the best way to distribute and promote video content on the net other than uploading it to YouTube? What other video-sharing sites are there and which ones aren't a waste of my time?

video-sharing.jpgAnswer: There are several YouTube-like sites you should consider for submissions. Some sites are popular like YouTube, then there are other more obscure sites, but they all share a similarly rabid subscriber-base that continues to grow on a daily basis. Expanding your video distribution campaigns to a wider audience through these niche sites is a very smart strategy.

Here's our list of 10 recommended video sharing sites, in order of quality based on potential traffic and overall SEO value:

  • Yahoo Video: Alexa Rank #1 — PageRank 7

  • Google Video: Alexa Rank #2 — PageRank 7
    (Once in YouTube your video is guaranteed to already be in Google Video.)

  • Flickr Video: Alexa Rank #31 — PageRank 8

  • PhotoBucket: Alexa Rank #36 — PageRank 6

  • Daily Motion: Alexa Rank #70 — PageRank 7

  • 4Shared: Alexa Rank #88 — PageRank 6

  • Hulu.com: Alexa Rank #232 — PageRank 8

  • Truveo: Alexa Rank #345 — PageRank 7

  • Vimeo: Alexa Rank #462 — PageRank 8

  • Break: Alexa Rank #470 — PageRank 7

Of course, there are other sites available, but these 10 will accomplish what you need and they have our stamp of approval. The smart way to implement this strate...


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