Why am I suddenly seeing hundreds of my keywords drop in the rankings?!
 by Kristi Hagen

Why am I suddenly seeing hundreds of my keywords drop in the rankings?!

  • A lot of my keywords have suddenly dropped from #1 ranking to 100++. There are around 50+ keywords, all having the same issue.

    I went GSC to fetch as Google and the status are showing not found, how do I solve this?

    Btw, I just switched my website over to HTTPS and completed the redirections. However, my website isn't yet mobile responsive.

    And, the organic traffic keeps dropping as well. Hope you can help me.


Sounds like you need to do an audit to get to the bottom of it because there could be any number of reasons. This detailed resource will you walk you through that process step by step:

Five Expert Ways to Diagnose a Traffic Drop

However, right from the start - if your website isn't mobile responsive that's going to hurt you. Google has been very clear about the importance of a mobile friendly and responsive site. Better get that fixed now before the Mobile-First Index rolls out, which, for all we know could be happening as we speak. We shouldn't really expect Google to publicize making that switch until well after the fact that they have. After all, they've been warning us now in one way or another for a couple of years!

Anyway, to make sure you're current with the facts about the Mobile-first Index, go here...

Mobile-First Index: What You Need to Know

Frankly, you might want to consider our Website Auditing service. That's where we work side by side with you to dig into things and really help you trouble shoot and resolve issues like this. I really wish we had the time for that type of service within FastAnswers but it's just not possible. Good luck and we're here to help if you run into issues or have more questions!SEN article end