With Amazon's new deal with Yext will my Yelp listing be enough?
 by Kristi Hagen

With Amazon's new deal with Yext will my Yelp listing be enough?

  • For the 3 years prior to Amazon's recent partnership with Yext, Amazon accessed local information from Yelp and Bing through which Yext indirectly provided information to Amazon.

    So my two questions are:

    1. Now that Yext is providing information directly to Amazon to power Alexa Answers, is Amazon still leveraging the Yelp and Bing data in addition to what they're getting from Yext, and

    2. if Yes, does properly managing your Yelp location pages and ensuring accurate information in Bing accomplish the same result as participating in the Yext feed program?


#1 – All signs indicate that Yelp is still working with Bing (for about 6 years I believe). Bing is also the search engine for Amazon, and they've done deals to provide information for Alexa as well.

#2 — Although Yext advertises as feeding Yelp and Bing, we believe that if your information is accurate in Yelp, you wouldn't need Yext to sync that up for now. However, no one will know the answer to this question until we see how Alexa starts to leverage the local data from Yext.

It may be that they allow businesses to directly edit exactly how Alexa reads their data to users or give precedence to certain Yext members over others. If that's the case then it would be up to each business to decide if it was worth the price of admission. We will keep a close eye on this relationship as it develops and will be sure to alert all of our members when things crystalize.

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