Your December 2018 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

What's the best strategy for adding datePublished article markup to old pages?

  • I have a question that relates to your article, Add Dates to Your Article Markup - It Matters.

    As we start adding datePublished and dateModified to our article markup, can we go back in our older reviews and enter the actual date it was published for datePublished, even if it was back in 2007? ...or should we just use today's date for datePublished?


If the dateModified date is somewhat recent, then you're probably just fine using an older date for datePublished. On the other hand, if the datePublished is old and lacking a recent dateModified, then the content may be viewed as lacking freshness and perhaps no longer relevant.

For that reason we know of many cases where datePublished has been moved forward by an appropriate amount of time to assure users the content is still relevant, at least at the time of datePublished.

We suggest that you do your best to update your article(s) content at least to the point where you can legitimize using a recent dateModified to assist users in knowing the content is still relevant.SEN article end

How do you guys sync databases & file structures between a WordPress live site and a development site?

  • I'm setting up a development WordPress environment for a client's small B2B site, which uses an online order form as a critical customer communication component.

    The content of the site doesn't change much although the client does occasionally add or edit the copy or images. I'm the primary developer and in charge of site which, is hosted on a shared host.