Your May 2018 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

How can I improve my site's browser caching to optimize page speed?

  • I've been reviewing the tips in your An Advanced SEO's Guide to Optimizing Your Site Speed. Specifically, I'm trying to improve the browser caching for my site.

    On, the Pagespeed Insights tool and GT Metrix are generating comments telling me I need to leverage browser caching for resources that are third party.

    I'm getting a 93/100 in webpagetest (3g Fast, Chrome) along with this feedback:

    FAILED - (4.7 minutes) -

    FAILED - (25.7 minutes) -

    WARNING - (24.0 hours) -,600

    WARNING - (2.0 days) -

    My .htaccess seems to be set up for the appropriate expiry dates. My web host said to talk to Cloudflare who seems to be hosting that last URL. Or maybe there's a setting in my Cloudflare account I can change?

    But with the third party ones, how do I change the expiry dates? (These are not coming from Cloudflare from what it seems.) Or do I not worry about changing these since maybe it won't make that much of a difference in a speed increase?

    On a related note, when I look at the header response for the website URL, I get a cache control max age= 0. Shouldn't that be something more like 30 days?