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Donna Rougeau

New Westminster, BC Canada

Early in her career, Donna found her detail-oriented approach well suited to technology. After developing software of her own in the early 1990s, she realized that it wasn’t going to sell itself and set out to find ways to successfully market her creations. Through internet marketing experimentation, she managed to successfully sell her software in 1995.

Realizing that others could benefit from her experiences, Donna began the process of coaching and training others to do the same. In the 2000’s Donna was one of the lead coaches for the Internet Marketing Center, coaching over 200 clients and contributing heavily to the Insider Secrets to Marketing on the internet. Since 2004 Donna has been provided training and coaching for both SEO teams and Corporate clients across the Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, UK, USA, and Canada.

In 2012 Donna took on the unique challenge of moving to Mumbai, India, to establish and train outsource teams in SEO, Content, and Web Development for service agency clients of North American agencies. Her hands-on experience combined with her coaching and training experience makes her a welcome addition to our team of writers here at SEN. When Donna isn’t working on material with us she is pursuing her personal passion as a life coach to the marginalized among us.

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