15 Tips to evaluate a blog for a blog post or link buy!
 by Casey Markee

15 Tips to evaluate a blog for a blog post or link buy!

  • I've been directed by a client to "pick-up" some blog links on related blogs that will link back to specific product pages. I understand that I can either get in-content links within new or existing blog posts or a blogroll link on the entire blog. But I'd like more detail on how to best evaluate a blog for a link. Can you provide some tips?

blog-links.jpgAnswer: Due to the large proliferation of blogs that exist you are correct in recognizing their potential use for link building.

With approximately 156 million+ blogs in existence (as of early 2011), the sheer number available for you to approach for links is certainly good news.

As you correctly pointed out, when using blogs for link building, you have two main choices: blogroll links, or in-content blog post links.

Blogroll links are a list of links on a blog that blog owners use to link out to recommended sites or resources for the benefit of their site audience. These blogroll links help blog owners establish and build upon their own blogger communities. These links commonly appear on every page of a blog and are inherent in most blog templates.

In contrast, in-content blog post links are those links placed within a blog post by the blog writer that link out to recommended sites or resources. These in-content links are used most effectively when they are tied to a specific anchor text or keyword phrase (i.e. using "mountain bikes" as the hyperlinked keyword phrase linking to a bicycle site).

Using paid blog posts and blogroll links can be very effective for link building. The following tips will help to ensure that the blog posts and blogrolls you do purchase will have the best chance of passing value to your sites:


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