Everything You Need to Do 'Before' You Start Link Building
 by Andrew Dennis

Everything You Need to Do Before You Start Link Building — by Andrew Dennis

As a SEN reader, you likely know how important links are to ranking in search results. However, you might not know that links are the last piece of the SEO puzzle. In this article we'll lay out the strategies and tasks you should complete before you being to build links to your pages. If you skip these strategies then your link building efforts could be in vain as Google isn't going to rank a low quality page long term - if at all - regardless of the links pointing to it.


Yes, link acquisition is a key ingredient to SEO success, there is no argument there as the data continues to support their role in rankings. However, in order to be successful in building your links (and your trust and authority in Google's eyes) you need to be sure your site and your content is worthy of the effort it takes to build links properly. Professionals approach the process in this order:

  1. Site error fixing.
  2. On-page optimization.
  3. Keyword research.
  4. Content creation.
  5. Link Building.

Site Error Fixing

The first step you should take involves auditing your website to make sure there aren’t any glaring technical issues. Before you consider external optimization strategies (link building), you need to focus on your own pages.


Considering how much Google has been focusing on quality within its search results it's safe to say that existing site errors could be seriously holding you back. That includes items like: