Convert your Twitter Lists to RSS Feeds in 2 Seconds!
 by Casey Markee

Convert your Twitter Lists to RSS Feeds in 2 Seconds!

  • I use Google Reader to track various RSS feeds. I'm also very active on Twitter. Can you tell me how to convert Twitter lists that I follow there to RSS feeds that I can then review and download daily on Google Reader?

Answer: Converting Twitter lists to RSS feeds is a no-brainer, especially if you want a quick and easy way to access Web pages with links on Twitter through a daily reader, like Google Reader.

Fortunately, there's a free tool called Twiterlist2RSS that will do this for you in seconds. Here's a quick visual example of the process in action using one of my own @MediaWyse Twitter lists:

  • Step #1: Copy the Twitter list URL you want to convert from your Twitter account.


Step #2: Visit Twiterlist2RSS and paste in the above URL into the appropriate field and click Convert. It will return an RSS URL similar to the one below:


Step #3: Open up your Google Reader account, paste the URL above into the Add a Subscription box and click Add.


That's it, done. Now, back to work!Planet Ocean article end

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