How to Master EDU Link Building in 4 Easy Steps
 by Brendon Turner

How to Master EDU Link Building in 4 Easy Steps — by Brendon Turner

EDU Link Building Over the past year I've been refining and executing on a link building technique mentioned to me by Casey Markee. We're having some extremely good success with a scholarship backlink building initiative that was testing. I've since started executing it for all of our SEO clients. It's working very well to acquire authoritative links from EDU college and university domains. Those links are placed by faculty members after I outreach and communicate with them about a special offer for students.

I want to share the method with you today. It's so easy to produce university and college faculty approved, ethical and white hat backlinks with this method. When I say 'faculty approved' I mean that faculty actually placed these links on their .edu site at my request. These are not blog comments on .edu domains. These are backlinks placed on .edu web pages based only on the merit of the content I created for my SEO clients.

One thing that I want to be clear about is that .edu domains are fine to acquire backlinks from but not simply for the reason that they are .edu domains. In my opinion the hype over .edu domains being much stronger and more valuable backlinks than those coming from other domain extensions may in fact be a myth. It just so happens that .edu domains tend to attract on average more trust and authority - making them ideal link acquisition targets.

I will not share the specific domains or URL's belonging to my clients or the exact .edu backlinks that we acquired as that would not be fair to the clients. And some of them are in fact members.

With that said, a scholarship link building initiative works like this.

Write Your Scholarship Content First

We create a brand new page of content to be hosted on our SEO client website outlining their scholarship offer and host it at or similar web address. This page will show information about their scholarship, deadline for entries, rules, entry requirements, etc.