How to Measure the Value of a Backlink like a Pro
 by Andrew Dennis

How the Pro's Measure the Value of a Backlink — By Andrew Dennis

measuring the value of a backlinkHow much is this link worth?

This is a question we hear frequently from clients and prospects alike and it makes sense — people want to assign a numerical value to links, because they are so valuable to search engine optimization (SEO).

We know links are valuable, because Google has told us as much:

I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it's links pointing to your site.” – Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google (listing the to two ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm)

The simple truth is — if you want your website to be visible in organic search, you need backlinks. But not all links are created equal and you need to secure the right links to see results.

So, how do you know which links will drive results for your website and business? How do you measure the value of a backlink?

Unfortunately, the answer isn't as straightforward as other marketing metrics (impressions, click-through-rate (CTR), view counts, etc.) — link value is nuanced and complex. However, in this article I will walk you through the different attributes and characteristics you can analyze to help you better measure the value of your backlinks.

While there is no definitive metric for evaluating link value, there are six different areas where you can assess the strength of your link. Measuring how well your link performs in these different areas will provide a general idea of the overall value of your link.

These areas include:

  • Human engagement.
  • Goal alignment.
  • Relevance.
  • Authority.
  • Location.
  • Link type.

Now, let's dive into each one!

1. Measuring Human Engagement